Tuesday, December 6, 2016

រដូវកាលបុណ្យណូអែល(Christmas Season)

Alright! Well first things first.... i get to see you this month!!! What the?! Time is a crazy weird thing....


Just prepared stuff for English class at the Ministry!


We saw Bong Mom our investigator and taught her about tithing and fasting... she was a little ify about both of them... but we testified to her and by the end of the lesson she promised to fast and to pay tithing when she becomes a member.

Then we saw Ming Po one of our new investigators and taught her about prayer... it was sort of a crazy lesson because we were sitting on a table outside of her house and then all of this Ming's and Om's gathered around and started gambling.... so it got super loud and they were really intense in their gambling... haha... so in the middle of the lesson we just got up and moved into her house, but she did try praying for the first time so it's a start!

Then we taught Bong Lena, one of the new investigators that we got on Sunday of last week and taught her about the restoration of the gospel.. haha we had a member present this old Om she is about 70 years old and she told us she was having stomach problems well she kept on farting during the lesson and they were super loud and then she would get really embarrassed and laugh well one time she did it, and started laughing and then was farting and laughing at the same time... I was teaching about prophets and I about died haha... I tried to keep it together but it was super funny... so about half way through the lesson our Member left, and we finished the lesson and it was really good...up until the point when I asked when we could meet again. Lena told us that she is moving! She moved out to an area that doesn't have the church... it's okay though I am glad we got her a Book of Mormon before she left... at least now she knows!


We saw Monika and taught her about priestood and the Law of Land. She took it really well! She is really progressing. We asked her what she learned and she told us all about the Tree of Life... it was awesome this coming from the girl who a month ago had never heard of scripture before! So cool!
Then we saw Bong Sophia and taught her about faith and repentance! She is doing reallly good too, now she is starting to understand the scriptures and ask more questions! She says the people around her look down on her because she is a member of the church but she doesn't care, because she knows God and that's what is important.

Then for the rest of the day we just had English class at the ministry... we did a full out Christmas lesson! then we had a meeting with president about MLC, and then English class at the church.


We saw Bong Mom and helped her with tithing and fasting again... because she is still struggling with that commandment... We testified of the mriacles that happen when you pay your tithing and we told her about members and all the miracles they have recieved from it! After she was feeling a little bit better about it!

Then I had an exchange with Sister Chanthakhoun! My kid! It was so fun! I loved it! It's so cool to see how much she has grow, she has become a killer missionary and I am so happy that I could be her mom! It's been really neat to see her grow! She is going to touch so many lives out here!

We saw Om Siat and shared about Alma's conversion story and about the prayers of his father... we told Om not to lose hope and to keep praying for her kids because you never know but one day they could accept the gospel... but she can't lose faith!


We saw Om Sokha and shared about miracles... and the faith that we need to have miracles in our life.
then we saw Ming Somat and shared about obedience with her. Then we saw Thera and taught her about the family booklet. She promised to start doing it!


We had English class in the morning and then a meeting with president in the afternoon. after the meeting with President we saw Monika, and taught her about temples and Family History... she seemed pretty into it and excited to start doing family history!

 Then we met a new investigator her name is Bong Tavee and she is about 27 years old. She went to the church because her boyfriend of 3 years who lives in Russia was in a coma... and she came to find a place to pray... so she came to the church... She told us that they told her that her boyfriend died... but she wants a picture for proof and they won't give it to her... so she doesn't completely believe them.... it's kind of a difficult situation... but she told us that it's okay if he did pass away because that just means he is with his family again. We taught her lesson 2... and she committed to coming to church.


We saw Bong Chena and Cong Kiang, two new investigators from last week and it was so good! it's like they turned a complete 180 they were so happy... they told us that they had been praying everyday... and I cannot explain how much happier they were. They just had a light and it's only been a week! I can't wait to see them grow! We taught them about the plan of salvation. I told them it's just amazing because when you think about it 3 weeks ago they had no idea who God was... they had no idea who they were... and now the know they have a father in heaven who loves them, and that they are children of God who if they keep the commandments and follow Him can obtain everything that the Father hath! It's so amazing! THE GOSPEL IS SO GOOD! Also we committed Bong Chenda and Bong Kiang to baptism!!

After seeing them we went to church and after church we saw Ming Sophia Monika's mom and taught her about Family history! She really liked it and committed to start doing it and she also commited to be baptized! So we had 3 people on sunday commit to baptism!!! WOW MIRACLES!!!! It just must be that time of season for miracles I guess!

Well that's it for this week!!! Happy December family! I love you so much and thanks for all the love and support!

Sister ស្វប់

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