Sunday, December 18, 2016

One more full week as a missionary

Hello Everyone!


We went to an area in Pochentong for Sister Gosal's birthday. We all had lunch together and then walked around the park!
My First Kid

Happy Birthday

Birthday Lunch


We saw Navi and taught her about the gospel of Christ. She really liked the lesson, but her mom wouldn't sit down and listen because she was too busy.... Navi is golden it's just her mom... and Navi really wants to go to church but her mom makes her sell with her on sunday so it's kind of a struggle right now.

After that we saw Monika and her mom, and we watch the joseph smith video with them at the place where they sell. We turned it on super loud to compete with the loud music of the tuk tuk parked by us... it was really cool though because even though it was crazy and loud around us the spirit was still there and Monika's dad kept on stopping and watching parts of the video, and he saw the first vision, so hopefully we are softening his heart a little bit at a time!


We taught English at the ministry and then we saw Ming Sophia and review sacrament with her! Then we saw Chadaen and taught her about the priestood we committed her and Mony Nut to marry a worthy priestood holder in the future! They committed to do it! haha
then we taught english class and I gave the spiritual thought about prayer! It was my last spritual thought in english class... ahhhh... kind of sad really!


We had an exchange and i went with Sister Luke. We saw Bong Soaphia and Ming Somat. We shared about going to the temple with Ming Somat... she told us Sister I don't have any money, so we asked "well do you have faith?' She told us that she did so we committed to start saving up money to go to the temple and going to church everyweek so she can prepare herself spiritually. She committed to do it and she came to church this week!! So score!!
The Office


We saw Ming Juun in the the morning she is a less active, who I love but drives me nuts because she won't come to church and when we tell her to come she just laughs at us... so when we went and saw her we shared about God's love, and I told her it was my last time seeing her, and she told me wait sister come to my house on the 25th and see me before you go and I said "come to church" she laughed and then i was like Ming I am serious you have got to go to church!!" and I kind of ended up yelling it haha and then she ended up yelling at me. " Sister you know I can't" and then she just laughed... so that was that... we will see if she comes to church.

Nada took a selfie

Then we had a little miracle... our lesson fell through, and I had the though to visit om siat, but she wasn't supposed to be home until friday next week, but I just figured to go with the thought so we road over to Om siat's and she was home we started to teach her and then a random neighbor came in and started to learn with us, we ended up teaching her about prayer and she said we could come back and teach her and her grandchild who is like 8 years old! It was super cool, God just put us there in the right place at the right time! 

Then we saw Om Sokha who fell asleep during our lesson... she had a cold because she sold in the rain the night before. 

Then we saw Om He and helped her with some family history, and then we taught Ming Sokha and Ming Sophia Monika's mom and aunt and they are super good. Ming Sokha is really smart and works at the hospital we taught her about the plan of salvation and she understood it really well, and then she committed to baptism!!!


We found a lost LA her name is Ming Chantee she is the only member in her family... she has cancer.. but she still prays and reads the scriptures she just doesn't have any time to go to church because she has to work all the time to take care of her family... I am really glad we found her! We are going to try to start seeing her once a week.

Then we taught Monika about testimony to get her ready for her baptism.
Monika was baptized and her mom and aunt came to see it! She had to be baptized three times because her clothes were too big and wouldn't go down, but it's all good she was baptized and she said it felt amazing and then she felt clean, and light! I love Monika so much, I can't believe how far she has come, just two months ago we were explaining to her what a verse from the scripture meant, and now she is baptized and when we ask her if she has anything to share she always does! Ah I love her and I am super excited for her family!



We taught Om Siat about Christmas, it was awesome because Om Siat had no idea why we celebrated Christmas, and when she found out that it was to celebrate the birth of the Savior she got super excited! She was like but sisters we shouldn't just celebrate it once a year but everyday! I totally support that haha.. 

After church we met with Ming Rady a super strong member. She told us the way she learned about the church was that she found a for strength of youth on the floor and read it... she loved what it taught about families and about how we show act. She wanted to family to grow up and be like that so she found the church by herself and now she and her two kids are baptized! How awesome is that?!

After that we went and saw our two investigators bong chenda and Bong chiang, and they ended up dropping us... they have been reading and praying and they will continue to do it but right now they just don't have the time to meet with us or go to church... yeah it's kind of a bummer, but I have tons of hope for them still... now is just not the time. 

Well that's it for this week. Crazy that I only have one more week as a missionary... I am super sad but I am going to live up every last second of it! I love being a missionary. It's been the most amazing experience of my life. I love the people here I love my mission and I love my Savior, and I am so grateful that God sent me here to teach his children! 

I love you all! I will write another letter next week after I skype so this isn't my last one yet haha!
Love you! 

Sister ស្វប់

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