Monday, August 10, 2015

Halfway to Cambodia

Family! Hey what's up?

Well if I'm being completely honest with you all this week was pretty rough. I mean it was a good week, but it was the halfway point where you realize oh crap I'm here for another month, or oh shoot I'm leaving in a month and I know nothing . . .I think the hardness of the week started off because we tried to read a verse from the Book of Mormon and gosh it felt impossible. Reading is just insane. Although, I'm just embracing the fact that I won't know anything when I get there anyways, but I'm still going to try!

Anyways as for our amazing speaker this last tuesday...drum roll please... President Nelson. Seriously was so awesome. It was crazy because right when he walked into the room to speak it was like boom insta-spirit. No for real though it was like a wave that just hits you. It was awesome. He talked about how we are preparing the world for the second coming. He also said something that was really cool to think about he said just imagine our homecoming, how happy everyone is going to be, and then just imagine when we die, and how amazing that homecoming is going to be! When we are reunited with our family and our father in heaven. Who has sent us here and is just waiting for us to return to him.It's insane we could've been listening to the future prophet! Crazy! Such an amazing experience.

So Sister Collins and I were walking to lunch and some Elders stopped us and in broken English asked if they could bare their testimonies to us. We were like oh yeah for sure. So one Elder was from Thailand and the other was from Korea, and they simply said I know we are children of god, christ is perfect, book of mormon true, and prophet true. They were the most simple testimonies ever, but I've never felt the spirit so strong. It's just a testimony to me that even though we may not be able to say everything, all we have to do is communicate through spirit so that the people can feel of christ's love for them! After they bore their testimonies we did ours in Cambodian it was a really neat experience.

Oh let me tell about Friday, so friday English fast. If you don't know what an english fast is it's where you just speak Cambodian all day. That was a rough day, I mean we all did pretty well, and we made it through the day, but it just made me realize how much I really don't know. Still though we made it through and I feel like we all learned a lot from it. It was a pretty quiet day with the entire district, and we were all really happy when we could speak english again haha. Yeah so we did that on friday.

On saturday we had our lesson for TRC and we were going to teach about obedience, but we went in there and Koontii just talked about how stressed she has been because of school and tests and everything so me and sister collins just looked and each other, and we had picked favorite scriptures from the beginning of the week, and just turns out that they were exactly what she needed to hear. We shared Alma 37:36-37 I think.... it's about counseling with the lord, and placing your trust in him. It was a good lesson though, and lead by the spirit which was awesome. I mean we still have so much to learn, but it was cool to see that sometimes what you plan isn't what they need and the spirit will help you when that happens.

So sunday I had an interview with Brother weaver okay brother weaver like nicest man ever, and his wife same thing they are so so incredible. Anyways he told me this story after I told him about language and stuff. He said that when they served in Washington they were sharing missionary moments in relief society and one women stood up and said well I'm not a member but I want to share my missionary moment. They said that they had just got done putting groceries in their house and they saw two sister's knocking on doors, she said that there was a light just surrounding the sisters. She said both her and her husband kneeled and prayed for those sisters to come to their house, and they were giddy that after knocking on the door across the street the sisters headed over to their house. She got baptized three weeks later. Brother weaver told me, he said "that family was converted before those sisters even said a word" I don't need to know the language perfectly I just need to bring that spirit and love. It was a really awesome story though, and was like bawling when he told me that. i was like " even though it doesn't look at it I promise I'm okay and I'm loving it." He just told me he's worried if sisters don't cry! Well no problems there right, I always cry in my interviews with Brother Weaver.

Then Sister Collins and I gave a lesson on the atonement. I gave that parable of the pushups story, and oh my gosh, I'm just glad I finished it. With me and Sister Collins team teaching you can almost guarantee there will be tears haha. The lesson went well though. I feel super lucky to have such a great companion. She's going to be so awesome out there.

Oh yeah and on Tuesday we taught boon sophia and offered if he wanted to get baptized and he accepted! Again, we were both crying at the end of the lesson, haha and he's not even a real investigator. Yeah, but it was awesome and the spirit was really strong. Overall it was a good week just kind of hard with the whole language/reading thing!

Thanks so much for the packages and the dear elders and everything though I love them so much. Dude mom those cinnamon rolls were so good, gosh I may get fat though! haha! They were delicious! Also you totally read my mind with those Kind granola bars, I could for sure use more of them! As for anything I'm craving... haha I don't know just surprise you're the best pretty sure you know what I want more then I do! I seriously love you all so much! I only have three more P-days after this one crazy right?! I can't wait and I'm also nervous! I'm excited to share this amazing gospel though! Love you all so much hope you have a great week


Sister Schwab

ps-we get to sing with the national tribute band. It's going to be awesome they are like doing a little fireside concert for us. We are going to sing with them for like two songs...mtc choir is i mean.

pss we get to host t! So that'll be exciting!

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