Monday, August 31, 2015


Family I get to talk to you in like a week! So since you are all wondering I'll will start off with I got my flight plans Our first flight goes to LA and then we go to Hong Kong, and then we will be off to Cambodia! It's insane we leave on the 8th and we get there the 10th at like 10 or 11 in the morning in Cambodian time. So Sister Collins and I aren't even on the same flights until the last two hour one to Cambodia. She is with a bunch of the Elders from our district. Darn it, I really hoped we were going to be on the same flight, but my flight group is great too. I have some of the elders from my district and then the Sisters that are going to Cambodia. Anyways we get to go on the last flight together and that's what really counts right. I'm so excited though/ nervous/ feeling everything in between I can't believe we are actually leaving next week! I do get to write you again, and by then I'm sure I will freaking out quite a bit. It's so crazy I'm so crazy excited to go though!
So anyways that was my flight plans we got those on Friday at lunch. 
Flight Plans have arrived!

So as for the rest of the week, so we hosted on Wednesday! So crazy thing I hosted this girl her name is Tina... played basketball at... guess where... RIVERTON WYOMING?! I pretty much freaked out because the Coopers had told me about her, and it was crazy cool to meet her! She seems like she is going to be such a great missionary, I she is going to California! Yeah I though that was sweet! 

Also saw Chantelle White on Wednesday, that was sweet. Always good to see some Star Valley folk down here, and guess what I leave the same time as her! I'm finally the  same schedule as the English missionaries so how about that! I mean most of them leave on Monday and I leave on Tuesday but that's okay! It's so crazy! 

We had choir on that Tuesday and guess who I saw there?! Sofia Hoffman! You know Kalin and Tyler's friend and oh my goodness let me just tell ya, she is beautiful! She said Tyler was like a brother to her at school. Haha it was funny she was telling me all these stories about you two and the funny stuff that you would do, and just how sweet you were all of the time. So yeah I've been seeing her around and every time I do she just tells more reasons why she loves Tyler!
Sister White

On Saturday Sister Collins and I were teaching Narack we had been feeling pretty stuck on him, but we decided to re-teach Joseph Smith. Not going to lie it started off a little rough talking about the apostasy and stuff. But when we started talking about Joseph Smith we had him read the first vision, and after he read it he was in tears well... we were all in tears and he just said I know that this is true. He said the holy ghost had answered him and he knows that it was true. It was an awesome experience. You know we really aren't the teachers here, it really is the spirit and I know that the spirit is going to help us! The Cambodian language really is going to come, it's the language of the spirit that is going to be most important. Yeah the lesson was awesome though it just reminds you why you are out here and that yes you can do it... WITH the help of the spirit. Even though it was really just our Lookruu the investigators they are are based on real people so it was great!

We had the chance to talk to Brother Moon on Sunday about Cambodia. He said that a smile goes a long way in Cambodia. He said that even if you don't know the language you make huge relationships with your smile, he just said always always smile. Hey I can do that right?! So yeah that will be me the first months when I'm trying to get a swing on the language. Haha then he also said that the people there are really blunt like they will tell you of awful you are at the language, but we just have to keep smiling and let it roll off your back. He also said that using the members is so so important so that's going to be one of my goals is to use the members as much as I can when I get out there. Yeah Brother and Sister Moon are awesome though! I can't wait to get out there and go to the gospel to the people of Cambodia. 
New Sisters

We also got released as sister training leaders. It was kind of sad it has been really awesome but the two new sisters in are going to be so great! I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to be apart of it, and apart of such great sisters! 
New Sister Training Leaders

We also talked a lot this week about how right now we are on the front lines in the battle against Satan, and he doesn't want us to go. So all of those doubts that we are feeling right now they aren't true, they are from Satan... I think honestly that's how it is with life, whenever we are doubting our faith that's not true that's from Satan! Our Heavenly Father loves us so so much we weren't put on this earth to fail, it's called the plan of happiness we are here to be successful and return to him and our families again!
Okay and as for Tyler I am really glad he is okay, that's super scary but I know the lord looks out and blesses our family everyday. I put his name in the temple this morning and I'll be praying for him! I'm really really glad he is okay though! Love ya bro! Get feeling better!

And Sethy you are awesome keep up the good work bro! Keep killing it on the golf course dude! love ya!

Kalin you're awesome keep up the hard work of two jobs! Love ya!

Mom and dad you are seriously the best I don't know what I would do without you! I'm seriously blessed with the best family ever! 

I love you all so much have a great week!

Sister Schwab

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