Monday, August 24, 2015


So can we just talk about how I only have two more weeks left in the MTC, and how I get my flight plans on Friday? I am so excited I'm pretty sure everyone here is getting cabin fever pretty bad, which is understandable when you've been here for 7 weeks going on 8. We will be out of here with the English missionaries so how about that?!
President Moon

So last Monday we did our "Skype" with a person in Cambodia. So turns out the internet doesn't really work very well over there so we tried and tried and finally Neakkru Tshida just told us to give the lesson over the phone. Oh my goodness... that was pretty difficult. We taught the lesson to Neakkru's old companion who is in Cambodia right now. We taught on charity and the pure love of Christ, and with the help of the spirit, my awesome companion, and the women we were teaching it went pretty well. She said that we speak "cebah" and "l?aa men ten" so clear and really good, but I think she was just being nice... haha. Yeah but overall it went really well and we are going to try to Skype again tonight so hopefully it will go well, and maybe we won't do it through the phone this time, still though it was good practice I guess!

Biking statue that'll be us soon, but through the rain... haha

​MTC life is tunnel life sometimes

Really there isn't really much this week... just another normal week at the MTC. We gave a lesson to Narack and I was talking about how we can receive answers from our prayers, and talked about the decision to serve a mission... he asked me what verse answered my prayer, and I shared one about how the gospel heals families and we can have salvation... Then I shared about Aunt Gloria well... at least I tried to in as much Cambodian as I could... Still started to bawl! Yeah I just feel super lucky to have the knowledge that we do, that we can live with our families through eternity. Everyone deserves to hear the message of the gospel. It really does heal families! That's why I want to share it because it has healed my family and I want it to heal others, every deserves to know about the pure love that Christ has for all of god's children!

So we ran into a Sister that served in Cambodia and a couple that served in Cambodia. They all just love it so so much. It is super comforting when you talk to people about Cambodia. They say you just have to chose to love it right off of the bat, and then you'll have the best mission everywhere. They are like oh they love Americans, but be ready to be laughed at with the language and everything! Count me in I'm ready to be laughed at... they say 3000 mistakes and you're fluent so I'll just keep adding those up haha. I'm really excited to get out there and meet the people, and just the culture and everything it's going to be awesome, and overwhelming!

We had new missionary orientation on Wednesday. We had 27 new Cantonese come in so that's pretty sweet. We had four new sisters come in as well! So yeah pretty much doubled the sister's in our branch. They all seem really great!!

So really nothing else I translated Ether 12:27 and I'm trying to memorize it, so far I have most of it down just need to memorize the last two lines. I will send a picture of it. Gosh that script is insane let me tell ya. I know with the Lords help though there's no worry about the language or reading because it will come. Brother Weaver talked about how we don't need to worry if we are going to fail or succeed. Heavenly Father already has it planed out who we are going to teach, when we will learn the language, all we need to do is work and do our best because he's got it all planned out. Just a good reminder because it really is easy to forget sometimes.

Okay, that was pretty much it for the MTC life, but can we just talk about Sethy for a second! Dude my brother is a flipping stud!!!!! Birdie win in a playoff, dude that's sweet! Not too bad getting first in the first tournament of the year! Keep it up Sethy that is so awesome! you're such a stud! Love ya little bro! Keep it up! Tyler, Kalin you're pretty cool too, haha kidding kidding love ya you're both awesome.

Mom and dad thanks for the packages!!! I love them they really make my day everytime, and thanks for the dear elders everyone! Mom could you send me my sunglasses, maybe some stickers and cards to give the people of Cambodia? I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! Next week when I write you I'll have my flight plans and one more week here! And I get to talk to you in two weeks like the real deal... on the phone!
Love you all, have a great week!
Sister Schwab

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