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New investigators and a full church

Hello Everybody!


Okay, so we have been really praying to find a family that we can teach the gospel to, and monday night we were coming home from Ming Somnaay's house, and there was this couple walking down the street with their little son. We pasted them and then we both had the impression to go back. Sister C was just like "hey we need to go back and contact them" thank goodness she said that because we went back and they both accepted to learn. There little boy is super cute! They seem like such a great family! 

This is one of my favorite picture ever, he understands me and I understand him!

Bug Bites


We taught the one and only Srei Neak today! Seriously she is so prepared to receive the gospel. We taught her about Prophets and the Priesthood. She is just so ready to get baptized! She just has such a strong testimony of the gospel already! She loves it so much! I always feel so good after we teach her because the spirit is just so strong! After her house we went to Bong Lauren's house, someone must have really offended her at church because every time she talks about it she just cries. I feel way bad for her, but she promised she would go to church on Sunday. Ming Oun just told her what was up! She was like "listen you are going to church with me this sunday it's important k... good" Ming Oun helps so much! After them we taught Lookpuu Hoy and Bong Patty. It was that family we met on monday from contacting. We didn't have much time so we just taught them about temples! 
Some little girls at church
He is my little buddy, he is a missionary already


We finished moving dirt at Ming Po's house. Her daughters birthday was on Tuesday, and she had leftover cake that she wanted us to eat. It seriously had ants all over it, but she was like Sister no it doesn't so she gave all of us a bite of her cake.... yeah you just can't say no to Ming Po! For real though! We got these cards that say Families can be together forever. We have been handing them out like crazy. They are really awesome because that is literally all that they say nothing else. Then it has a website to learn more. I love them! If anything is going to catch someones attention it's that! We just went to a park and handed out tons of them. Well, because you know park=family so it worked out really well! Then we had out English class which went SO GOOD! Sister C's spiritual thought was awesome. It was about the sacrament and the atonement. She gave it in English and then I translated it! After the class we had 3 people that gave us our numbers and said they wanted to learn! It was so awesome! 


We got to teach Srei Neak again! On Thursday we taught her about the temples. I honestly think that one day there is going to be a temple in Cambodia, and oh my goodness I can't wait for the one in Thailand to be built! Being able to see families getting sealed to each other... that is going to be amazing. Because honestly that's what this life is all about! Without the gospel... Life wouldn't even have meaning to it! I will Never ever take temples for granted! I can't wait to have one in Star Valley! I LOVE TEMPLES! Also I LOVE SREI NEAK! She is golden! I am not worried about her at all! We then went and saw Bong Pake. She made me a skirt, and oh my gosh haha for like a good ten minutes she was just talking about how big I was! haha you would be surprised how much I get called fat, but they say my shoulders are big to so I am still "saat" or pretty! They also like dimples haha! With Bong Pake we talked about how with our physical body we can have scars but we will never have spiritual scars because of the atonement. 
Srei Neak one of my favorite people ever


Well I realized that I had been riding on a completely flat tire for half of a day in the morning so we had to get that fixed. Sometimes I don't even know... I knew something was wrong with the bike but I just ignored it, haha shouldn't have done that we had to get a completely new tire. I guess I will learn from that haha! We went and saw Om San in the morning she was talking about the Khmer Rouge, and how they told everyone to leave their stuff, and leave the city. then they would be able to come back in three days and get it back. She said that they lied because they left all of their stuff and then they took it. She said that during the Khmer Rouge she would just pray she didn't know who she was praying to, but she just prayed, and she says that is how she thinks she go through it. She told us they had this list of people they would give out every week and the names on the list would never be seen again. She said the week before the Khmer Rouge was overthrown that her name was on that list... So it really was a miracle. After that we went and saw Ming Yuana we shared 2 Nephi 26:24,33 with her! Those scriptures have come to be some of my favorite. Then we saw Lookyiay Tooc, and Ming Narat! Ming Narat... oh she is awesome she just yells when she talks to us. She told us that before she did religious ceremonies for Buddha and Christ. Then she had a dream she was going to visit her great grandparents and she was getting ready to go and she looked down and had two different pairs of shoes on. She was like " sister's I couldn't visit them like that" She didn't say it, but I think we all know that that was God telling her she can't have both, she needs to stick to the gospel of Christ so she can see her family again! 

Ming Narat, I love her she is so funny


We went through all of the baptism questions with Srei Neak. No worries she is for sure ready! We also went and saw Ming Tavee. We tried to commit her to praying about sharing the gospel with someone, and she was like "I just pray that everyone will receive the gospel" Haha I was just like you know what that's awesome! I pray for that as well! No seriously I loved that answer! She is the best! 
Ming Yuana she is always giving us food


We had so many people at church! It was great sacrament was filled, relief society was PACKED we had to get more chairs for everyone to fit. We had Bong Laurens family come to church and a lot of other less actives as well! It was awesome! I honestly love it here in Pochentong so much! After church we taught Lookpuu Hoy and Bong Patty. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation. After the lesson Lookpuu said that he believed everything! Then he tried out praying for the first time! He asked about if people have killed someone can they still receive salvation. He was talking about someone he knew, and our member present told me " I was in the Vietnam war, and I have killed people before, but I know that if they truly repent they can receive salvation" his testimony was so strong! He was meant to be there for that lesson! Then we taught two new investigators On Chen and her roommate. We taught them half of lesson one, and they are both coming to church with us on sunday!

Well that is all for this week! I hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Have a great week! I love you all so much!
Sister Schwab

Service before

Service after

Service you gotta love it

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