Sunday, November 8, 2015

4 Months

I've been out in the field officially two months on sunday! Isn't that crazy?! It's gone by pretty fast if I do say so myself! 


We went to go see Ming Po and share D+C 11:12-14 with her. It was really funny I found that scripture like 5 minutes before personal study ended. Then we shared it with her and she was like "wow i have been struggling with this, and then you came and shared this scripture." It was literally an answer to her prayers, something that she needed. I am really grateful that even though I don't know exactly what these people need that the lord does. He has got it all under control. It was cool to because we had someone else in mind to visit, but we both felt like Ming Po needed to be visited so we went there instead! 


We went and visited an Active member named Ming Niat. Her husband was not too happy with us because we came right before lunch, and he told us that he doesn't understand because Ming Niat is always unhappy after church, like satan is in her.... Yeah I don't even know what to do about him. Ming Niat was giving us that I am so so sorry look. He mellowed out a little after Sister C pulled some jokes and stuff with him, so maybe maybe he will come around. I have hope for him! He will come around! I think we just came at a bad time. After we went and saw Ming Naan. She just seemed so happy! I love going to visit her. We need to get her coming every week because she lives in a construction site, so when they are finished she is going to have to move... I can tell she loves it though, she has a lot of love for the gospel. She seems so happy when we see her at church! We then got to see one of my favorite people ever Ming Narat! We walk in and she just yells "HELLO!" We didn't end of teaching her because she took her medicine and needed to rest but we did get to sing a couple of hymns with her. She loves singing hymns! Then listen to this we literally experienced a stupor of thought. We prayed while we were contacting because we weren't having any success, and then once we were done we both just stood there for like a good minute and a half, and said nothing.... then this guys was leaving and pulled up next to us on his motorcycle. Apparently he had learned about Christ when he was really little, he seemed really interested. We got his number and gave it to the elders! Haha Sister C and I almost died after haha literally stupor of thought! 
Just me and my daikuu


We went and saw the one and only Srei Neak! She is great she had a question about Rev 13... has anyone ever read that before I mean it is sort of crazy... haha! Thank goodness for the references we have at the bottom that helped us explain it a little better. Too bad they don't have them in the Khmer bible... seriously tho! They would help so much! Anyways she is awesome and just super excited to get baptized! She is so great! As for English class that Wednesday we had 3 students because of the rain. One of them is Lim and we are setting up an appointment to teach her this upcoming week. She is great. She is 15 and has been to church at least 5 times since i have been here. She loves the gospel i can't wait to teach her! 
Our room


It was pretty rough on thursday... we just had a lot of people cancel on us and didn't have much success, but you all gotta have those days right. 


We had our district training. Then we went to go see Om San. She has had some questions about Adam and Eve, so we read some scriptures with her to help answer her questions. The thing with Om San is if you try to explain it to her she won't get it, but if she reads it from the scriptures then it makes sense to her! She likes to figure it out for herself! She is really funny every time we would try to explain she was like "Stop" and then ask another question! she is pretty funny, but i think at least some of her questions were answered! 


Started out a little rough we tried to call member to go to the baptism, and literally NOBODY answered their phone. We then called this random less active i was like she has a phone number call her and so we did. Her name is Lookyiay Lie, and she is like 84 years old. We set up an appointment with her. We went out and saw Ming Phiap first and she just seemed so much happier today. I love seeing that! Sister C shared Alma 32 with her while I distracted her daughter we kind of had to go team effort on that cause her daughter is crazy! Super cute but crazy! Alright everyone... her daughter literally looked at my face picked a zit... i was just like... what is happening. I was like okay and she was like " stop let me do this" "stop!" It was pretty funny actually I guess you just got to go with the flow when you are in Cambodia! Then we went and saw that Lookyiay she is super cute! Seriously she has two teeth left and super hard to understand, but gosh she is adorable. We then went and saw Maat Smah. She is really poor, she was married before she is divorced, she can't have children either, so she lives by herself. She never ever complains though... She is amazing. We calls us her kids and we call her our "Maat" I love her! She gave us little Cambodian flag pins to put by our name tags. I guess since she can't have kids we are lucky enough to be called her kids! I love her so much! The people here are just amazing.... some of the most christ like people i have ever met. Then we had Srei Neak's baptism! It went really well her mom and dad were able to come both of them aren't members, so it was awesome they got to see her get baptized! She just seemed so happy! The spirit was super strong, and when she bore her testimony she was just so so happy, the kind of happiness that only the gospel can bring. 
Srei Neak Baptism

 Her parents

The font
Yeah our ward is pretty legit

They came to visit with us

So our two new investigators told us that they were going to be out of town so they couldn't go to church but Sister C told me she had an impression that they were going to be there, so we went and surly enough they were there. I was like dang Sister C! haha we brought them to church. They only went to one hour, but yeah it was pretty awesome! They felt pretty uncomfortable so after church we took Somnaan a 17 year old in the ward and went and saw them. Somnaan was great she was like insta-friends with them! She is great. I love the members in Pochentong. They are super loving towards everyone in the ward! We had a lot of less actives at church as well! I love seeing all of them coming back, and when they do they seem so happy and so do all the other members its great. Then we saw that Lookyiay with all the members in that picture. I am telling you the members here are amazing! Just imagine the site, two america's followed by all those Cambodian women on bikes/motos going down the freeway! haha! I seriously love the members here they are amazing!
Well that is all for this week! Overall it was a pretty good week! I hope you all have a great week. Lots of love from Cambodia! Been 2 months in the field already! CRAZY!
Sister Schwab

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