Sunday, November 22, 2015


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Normal P-day.. we went and saw Ming Tavee's house talked about Elder Ballard's talk "God is at the Helm" we asked what Ming Tavee's goals are, and she told us that she wants all of her family on the boat with her to eternal life. I honestly think that is the goal for all of us. We want everyone in our family to receive the happiness that the gospel brings, and we want them all in the boat so we can live together for eternity! I love the gospel, and the comfort it brings, knowing that we can live with our families forever! I hope one day Ming Tavee's family will enter into the gospel! She is amazing with her example for them I don't doubt that one day they will join! 

Just waiting for Bong Amy


We had a district meeting on the gift of tongues, and I have come to the conclusion I have been sort of ungrateful for the gift of understanding that I have been given. I honestly understand a lot usually when we teach, it's just speaking that is the hard part, but I know that will come. Also I know the lord has been helping me out a lot in the whole language thing! I am super super grateful for it! I still have a lot to work on, but the improvement is happening, so that is what matters! I know the Lord is helping me! It was a really good district meeting though! After that we tried to teach Bong Yaa one of our investigators it was so awkward! We were going to teach about the priesthood and it was just crazy, motos coming in and out, all four of us were sitting on a bench, and people kept on talking to her, haha it was just hard, so we ended up reviewing prayer. She did say the closing prayer, all she did was pray for her daughter and her husband. She loves them so much! It was super sweet. So we decided next time we see her, we will teach about temples and families. We then went to go see Bong Pake, she is struggling right now... just with money and work, it's just exhausting for her. She invited us to Melody's b-day party, she says she doesn't have money so it will just be us, she told us that even though she couldn't afford a party she wants us to share a scripture so they can feel the spirit... So that is what we are doing tonight. We are going to make it the best birthday ever! For real though! 
Ming Naan and her cute daughter

President Lamoon's Birthday!

Presidents cute little boy!


We went to Lookyiay Tooc's house because she hasn't been at church these past couple of weeks... she is super sick. She had bacteria in her chest, and then the medicine they gave her made her even more sick, turns out she has heart problems. Yeah, she is usually really with it, but she was having a hard time. Hopefully she will get better! We just need to keep her in our prayers. She is one of the strongest people I know! After that we saw Om Polly, she is a less active that we have been looking for and we finally found her! She was really awesome! She said she had 5 siblings that were killed in Pol Pot, she said that they starved to death, she said they used to give them a handful of rice to eat, but it was for ten people. She said she doesn't know how she made it, but she has a super strong testimony of the church, she said god has made many miracles happen in her life. She is great, I love her! I can't wait to get to know her even better. Then we went to see Om Puan our other investigator. She said she has started reading the Book of Mormon, which is awesome. She loves the scriptures, every time we go over there she is just reading in her bible! We had a special BOM lesson with her, she is super great loves God, BUT she loves her old church and she does not want to leave it. It's a little hard, but I think reading the Book of Mormon is a step in the right direction because you can't deny the spirit that it brings. We then had English class, it was good. I gave the spiritual thought about Peter walking on water, and how we can still have miracles today. 

Some of my favorite English class students


Thursday consisted of a lot of contacting. We have a mission goal to get ten contacts a day, and this week it's 12 a day, so we have put a focus on that. We ended up contacting into a lesson. I think it's awesome the way God helps, I had a feeling to go down this road and contact a girl that was chilling there, oh and she denied it hard haha. I was like "dang it" but that road led us to the Lookpuu and he was awesome. We ended up teaching him the entire lesson 1, then we gave him a book of mormon. We asked him if he would pray about it, and he was like " sistee i am going to read it first" can't argue with that! We are going to meet him again this week. He was awesome though he really wanted to pray for his family, and wanted to know how the gospel could help him and his family. I am excited for him! After that we did some more contacting and then went to President Lamoon's bday party. I love their family that are great! Both RM's and super strong members! 
Lookpuu trying to sell us stuff

He wanted us to take lots of pictures


I went with Sister Mattews for a day. It was really fun. We went some of the members in her area, and then we met Ming Sok E. I was there for the lesson 1 with her when I did the exchange with Sister Kellian, so it was awesome to see how much she had grown. 
Packages have arrived! 


Everything fell through like everything... we tried to visit lots of people but they just were not there. We called and scheduled an appt. with bong Paa our investigator and we went to her house very last, and she wasn't there. It was rough, but there were these kids at here house, and they were such a blessing. We played with them for 4 minutes. I grabbed their hands and we would count to three, and then I would shake there hands really fast and they would just laugh! haha they were super cute, and they followed us out until they couldn't see us anymore. Seriously they made that day so much better. Just a little thing but it made such a difference! They were such a blessing! 
What you do when your appointments fall through. . . take a break and try again :)

These kids are such a blessing!

These kids are super  cute!

Church was good we met a new less active and went and visited her. Her husband is in jail and she just had a baby boy that is two months old. She is struggling with money right now because she doesn't work and her husband can't right now.... He gets out in a year..I am really glad we found her though, I think right now the gospel will really help her bring happiness back into her life. The gospel is really what brings real true everlasting happiness. The world yeah it kind of sucks sometimes, but we can always rely on the gospel! I am super grateful for it!

Elder Or

I hope you all have a great week! Tyler have a good birthday this week!! Love you all!!!
Sister Schwab

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