Sunday, November 15, 2015

New people to teach

Hello Family!


After the norm P-Day activities we went and saw Srei Roet, who has been very sick. She is in the YW's president, and all the other girls love her. She lives on the railroad and her family is pretty poor. When we went to see her she had an IV and told us she has still been trying to go to work because that's the way her family gets money. She was really happy to see us though. When we went to see her, Somnaan and our RC Srei Neak were already there talking to her. I am telling you the youth in the Pochentong Ward are just awesome! Srei Neak seems like she has been a member here entire life, she has such an influence on the ward! Everyone loves her! I love her haha! They have so much unity and love for each other in the ward. Anyways we just talked to her and said a pray with her. Hopefully she will get better quick! 
Just a little meat


Yeah tuesday was a little rough... everything fell through. We went to go see a referral from Bong Tii, and well turns out that referral lives super far away like in an area that we don't have any missionaries in yet, so we ended up just reading the Book of Mormon with Bong Tii. Reading the Book of Mormon is super great because it brings the spirit so much, but it's also a little hard for me because we just start reading where they left off, and most of the times it is in a super random spot, and I am just like what is going on here haha! You know the whole language thing, the whole your alaphabet is pictures thing... I can read the scriptures, but then after I am like well.... I don't know what I just read! When others read it, I understand, when I read it...yeah... haha! It's awesome to see the improvement though! The Lord really does help out the missionaries here trying to learn a language, and I know that we will learn it whenever we are supposed to! In the Lord's time! We had two other scheduled appt. that day but they also fell through, so we ended up going to see Mattida. She just had a baby girl, and oh my gosh she is super cute! Mattida is President Lamoon's wife. They are both RMs. They have the cutest family! They have three little boys and now that cute little baby girl! 
Cute baby!

Yes that is a BYU tuk tuk

We had training from the one and only Sister Marriot and Sister Esplin. It was a neat experience. Sister Marriot talked about Moroni 7:48 and talked about praying with all of our heart to have that pure love of Christ for everyone that we meet. It's something we have to constantly strive for and once we have that everything else will just fall right into place. I think that is something we all strive for out entire lives is to have that pure love of Christ! Sister Esplin talked about teaching with the spirit which is also something I have been really working on and praying for! After the training we went and saw Om Puan! Oh gosh I love Om Puan, but she really doesn't understand why we only have one true church! She really loves us, God, and every time we go see her she is reading the bible, like every time not even kidding, but she doesn't understand the restoration. We are going to have to take it super slow with her, but the love, the love is there! 

When weekly planning gets rough

Alright so Ming Yuana gave us this referral, so we went to go contact her. She is super awesome! We committed her to baptism on the 12th on december! She is 30-ish years old, and has two kids. A little boy, and a 15 year old girl that is mostly deaf. She can read lips if you talk really loud. Yeah she is awesome though! She split from her husband 5 years ago, and now lives with her 75 year old mom. Her mom is buddist, but she does listen to the lessons from time to time so maybe just maybe.. she will come around as well. Haha actually it was pretty funny before the lesson we were waiting for Bong Paa, our new investigator and her mom was just talking to her friend who was also like 75 years old. So we were just chilling there listening to this Lookyiay's chatting it up. Haha it was pretty funny!

Language study

We met our other new investigators Bong Yaa. She is 30 years old, and has a daughter that is two and super sassy! She is really cute! It's just hard to teach her because there are so many distractions, we always teach outside of her house so there are moto's and people always around... it's just a little hard. She accepted a baptism date, but I don't know if she understands the importance of the gospel just yet. She will get there though! We also met Lim! Lim like one of my favorite people ever from English class! She is awesome we taught her lesson 1, and she said she believes everything, she is already reading the Book of Mormon, but she wants to wait until she is 18 to get baptized. She is really intelligent, and super awesome, but I don't think we can teach her anymore! So look out in 3 years there is going to be an awesome new member in Cambodia! 


We got to see Bong Paa again! Ming Yuana was there to help and wow she helped us so much! I'm telling you those member presents they make a huge difference. We taught the entire lesson one, and the spirit was super strong the whole time. Everything just flowed really smoothly and she understood everything pretty well. We committed her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon! She accepted and she also came to church on Sunday with her daughter and Ming Yuana. She is super awesome and prepared for the gospel, I am super excited for her! She just has that light you know... yeah she is great! Then we went to Ming Yuana's house and well, she fed us some fish, from her freezer... I don't have much time so please refer to Sister C's email for that story! Haha by the way I totally have the best trainer ever! Love her! 


Sunday was sweet, in relief society we literally read through the lesson in ten minutes and then sang away in a manger for the last 30 minutes. It was pretty funny! After church we went and saw Bong Sompoah... hey funny story don't put this in the blog, but they asked me my first name I told them it was shay and they died laughing because that means something way different in Khmer so yeah . . . We were all dying laughing I was crying haha! It was funny! We taught her and then after went out to Somnaan and Somnat's house. We watched the restoration video, and their mom participated! Wahoo! and she said she wants to learn more so we are going back next week, and we are going to start up those lessons! It's pretty exciting the lord really does have a hand in this work. We have been praying for investigators that have more time, and he gave us two that are always free! I love it so much! I love Camboda, I love the gospel, I love being a missionary!
Hope you all have a great week love you so much! 

Sister Schwab

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