Monday, August 1, 2016

An exploding area and a baptism!


We went to Watt Phnom. It was pretty good, you know just a normal P-day.
We went and taught our new investigator her name is D Nay, she is only 10 years old but her brother is 15 and they both want to learn with us. We taught her about prayer and then she tried it out for the first time, and it was so good. She just prayed for her family, like her parents and everyone, you can really tell what's important to her. Then we taught Muoy about preach my gospel and the importance of it! Which honestly I wish I wouldn't have realized before my mission... I literally read through that book so fast... none of it stuck in my end, but honestly it's the best on the mission... I don't think I would be able to teach without reading it haha! 

Tuesday -

We had a good district meeting about service! it's kind of harder in the city to find service but we are working on it! Everyone was a little sick today... I have no idea what we ate but literally everyone in our house was sick... but not sick to the point where we couldn't do work! After that we went and saw Om Phia we talked with her about enduring to the end and obedience... then we saw Nada who it turns out was really sick on sunday so that's why she didn't come to church to be confirmed... all is good now though she is getting better. We taught her about going to the temple and doing family history. 

Wednesday -

We saw Lisa, she is a YW in our branch, and she is the only strong active member of her family right now, BUT we have been working on getting her mom coming back, and now she is starting to. We shared a little bit about things she can do to strengthen her family, she told us that right now she is working on personal progress! That's a big kick right now in our branch a lot of YW are working on it and it's awesome! 
Caught in a rain storm

Then we saw one of my favorites Srei Leak and we just reviewed for baptism. During the lesson she said a lot of people say "what do we live for , do we live to die" she told us that she doesn't have to wonder anymore... We live so that we can meet our Heavenly Father, and become like him, we live so that we can have eternal life with our families... She's right... that is what we live for. 

My area

Then we saw Om Gia, and taught her about the importance of the Book of Mormon! 


We saw Sophia and taught her about missionary work, and then we went on an Exchange and I went with good old Sister Som. We got caught in a huge rain storm on the way home. Crazy Cambodia you gotta love it!


Exchange with Sister Som... one funny thing that happened... this crazy member just randomly starts singing how firm a foundation so i just jump right in because that is like one of the only songs i know in Khmae and then Sister Som just looks at us and laughs... i guess this member does this every single time they visit her, and then she closed the lesson herself and sent us on our way haha... it was pretty funny.. All in all it was a really good exchange i learned a lot! I love learning from all the missionaries out here. 


The baptism was so good we were a little worried because at 9:55 like nobody was there, but then I am not kidding you at like 10 o clock like 10 members showed up for it! haha we actually had quite a bit of people it was awesome. Srei Leak gave the best testimony she was crying and then she talked about how her parents weren't the happiest about her joining the church they told her that if she joins the church she can do it on her own but they don't support it.... but she kept learning she said she had gone to many other churches before and learned with them but she just didn't feel like they were true. Then with tears in her eyes she said "I am so grateful to heavenly father for helping me find it, I finally found the one true church...!" It was so good! I love her so much I am so grateful Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to come here and help him with his work! I feel so lucky and blessed!
After the baptism we went and saw Om Parri and Ming Sroy. She knows that God is watching out for her and her family! 

Then we saw Ming Jenny and she is Lisa's mom the La that is coming back, so when we saw her she was super happy because she just found out that she get's to build a new house! She was so grateful she says that is something she has been asking heavenly father for a long time, and now it's finally happening! 


We saw Sadean and Dara, two Potential Investigators so fun fact I contacted Sadean when I served in TTP and now she finally wants to learn! It's so awesome! Seriously you never know what's going to happen with the seeds you plant. It's amazing! The Lord really is at the head of this work! Miracles! We just taught them about prayer, and then at church Srei Leak and Nada got confirmed! Also we had 7 investigators at church and like 2 less actives that are coming back! This area is exploding I love it! I love missionary work! Miracles every single day!

Well I love you all and I hope you all have a good week! Thanks for all the love and support! I really do appreciate it! You guys are the best!


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