Monday, August 22, 2016

3D World and Office Duties

Hello Everyone!


3D world and meeting with President Christensen, just trying to get everything ready for those new missionaries aka kids coming in! 
My New Companion, we have the same Mom


Meeting with Sister Christensen we just are trying to get things ready for those new missionaries honestly we talked mostly about ways to keep them healthy. We have had so many missionaries sick nowadays so we are going to try and keep these new ones healthy. I love meeting with Sister Christensen and President, they really doing love all of the missionaries here, and everything they do it for the welfare of the mission. 

After that we went to the bike store and got started on working on getting all the sisters bikes before the new ones come down... it usually takes about 3-4 hours a trip... anyways after a couple hours at the bike store we went and taught our RC Chadaen. She is really good, and got baptized about two months ago. We taught her about the LOC and WOW and you know it was actually a really good lesson the spirit was there! 

I thought Tyler would like this one.


Bike store in the morning, meeting with the Elders, Bike store again, and then ENGLISH class haha I really do love english class! 

Thursday :

We interviewed Saarat, and she helped us to know how to clean our food so that we can all stay healthy here in Cambodia! It was some good stuff, stuff that I wish I knew earlier in the mission... hey but I am for sure going to apply it these last 4 months... ahh 4 months... did I mention how much I hate how fast the mission is going! Then we went and saw Om Siat an RC of ours, so we came and she had shaved her head... in the Buddhist religion you do that to show your faith, when she told us she did it to show her faith in Christ... well... it's the thought that counts right... I love her though. She really does have a lot of faith, and right now she is having a really hard time with families and neighbors, but she still endures. She is like the ultimate missionary, like 4 of our investigators right now are referrals from her! We shared DC 58:2-4 with her about enduring to the end. She loved it, and then started to cry.... We testified of the Savior and of the enabling power of the atonement, I know that he is right there with her and going to help her through this! 


Then we did some weekly planning until 9 o clock at night... doing weekly planning at night is a poor choice haha 


Meeting in the morning and then after we worked on stuff for the new missionaries.
then we went and saw Pisey, her family is moving to KC this week. So it was the last time we got to see her... She is so good, and we just reminding her about baptismal covenants she has made, which let to other things and then we committed her to helping her family get sealed in the temple. right now her family is relying on her testimony, and they need her to stay strong! She committed to doing it, and she has the desire to serve a mission. She is so good! I am kind of sad that she is leaving! It's all good though she is going to help the youth out there in KC. 

Then we saw Saophia she is still super sick... we shared the 10 commandments with her, and then after we saw Mong Mon an investigator. She is a security guard for a club... she is pretty good though... we just have to get her coming to church and reading her scriptures that's all. We shared Helaman 3:29 with her and she promised to start reading everyday. 

Then we saw Bong Nih and Bong Sophia. They are both investigators we shared in Alma 32 with them about faith! They loved it we talked about how right now maybe their faith is only a seed but it's going to keep growing into a tree, if they just keep studying and taking care of it! 


English class, then we cleaned the church, worked on new missionary stuff, and then we went and saw Om Sok and Om Sang, two active members and taught them about charity. 


We saw Om Kiang and her husband, her husband actually listened to us this time. We finished up teaching about the plan of salvation. When we got to the part about the celestial kingdom I asked her which kingdom she wanted to go to and she said the celestial, but she know that she can't... then we cut her off and said "yes you can, and do you want to know why you can? Because of your brother our Savior Jesus Christ, you can live with your family forever, and God forever because of the Savior. "Lookpuu looked up and said so I can live with my wife again, and we told him yes... and he just kept on thanking God... it was a big change from last week that's for sure! It's amazing to see his heart soften little by little. Then we went to church.

After church we met Linaa, and Lisa and shared about miracles with them! 

Well that was my week! Thanks for the package tell Grandma to get better soon, and tell everyone good luck with school!!! Can't believe summer is already over for you!!! WOW crazy....
Well I love you all so so much! have a great week! 

Sister Schwab

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