Monday, August 15, 2016

What a week...

Hello Everybody! There is a virus on my camera, so I can't send pictures this week. Just the cultural ones we already took.


Nothing really too exciting on Monday, just moving into the new house, and a meeting with the president. We are just trying to figure things out that's all. Thankfully we had Sister Larsen and Sister Sheffield there to help us... Honestly I am so grateful for them! They make whitewashing a little bit easier haha! Without them I don't know what we would do haha...


We had District meeting we shared about some of the things we have learned on the mission and some things we want to continue to learn. Thinking about it honestly for me one of the things I have learned is that the enabling power of the atonement... aka grace is real. Here in Cambodia I see people in the worst situations but they are still incredibly happy and able to make it through and endure no matter what. I always wondered how the do it? How are they so happy? It's because they aren't doing it on their own the Savior is helping them every single step of the way! Honestly I know that even if we are in the worst of situations if we have a testimony of the Savior it will be okay... we can make it through anything. He is going to help us, I see it everyday here... The Savior's hand really is in our lives! 

Then we went and taught English at the Ministry, which we do once a week. It's a service thing that we are doing for the government! It was awesome! I loved it! Teaching English has honestly become one of my favorite things out here on the mish, and at the beginning I used to hate it haha! But it's actually pretty fun! 

Then they had a huge ceremony at the ministry that we were invited to attend, it was all about the opening of our English class, and the prime minister came and spoke about what an amazing opportunity this was for them to learn from us! It was super awesome! 

After that I went out teaching with Sister Larsen she is helping us skoal the area a little bit! First we went and saw Lena she is a RC, and we just talked about the Book of Mormon with her! Then we went and taught Pisey and her family they are also RC's. We just taught them how to use the scriptures... Pisey had a talk on prayer so we just taught her how to prepare it. Then we went to the mission home and tried to get stuff ready for the mini missionaries until like 9:00 at night! It was crazy! 


Transfers and Mini missionaries! Such an awesome experience to see all these mini missionaries come from everywhere. I love it they have such a desire to serve! There were a lot of Sister's that came out I am so excited that they have the chance to serve for 2 weeks such a neat chance for them! Plus they have the best trainers ever! Seriously! We spent the morning in meetings and helping everyone get with their new companions!
Then we had english class! 


Sister Larsen showed us around the area again...can I just say how much I love her! Seriously she has helped me so much throughout my entire mish... I don't know what I would have done without her help... Ever since my third transfer she has been helping me! She is one of the best missionaries out there... after she showed us around we dropped her off at the mission home and said goodbye! She is heading back to America! It was hard to say goodbye.. haha goodbyes are the worst and I suck at them, but it's all good because I will see her again before i know it because, as sad as it is .. mission's go by super fast! 


We went and saw our investigator name Om Giang... they are Chinese but speaking pretty good Cambodian, but with a thick accent and they use grammar wrong so sometimes I get super confused haha Om Giang is awesome she has already excepted the gospel, her husband on the other hand is a strong Buddhist, and she just went off and off. We taught lesson 2 and they were having a hard time understanding me... oh the struggles of a foreign language, but the Puu went off about how Christ wouldn't help us and how we are on our own, then Om Giang looked at her husband and said I don't believe that... God will help us. Then i had the thought to just testify about the atonement and read in Alma... so I cut off the Puu and said hey Puu do you know what this is (pointing to the scriptures) he was like yeah the best words are in the scriptures, then i said Puu this is the word of God. This is God's way of talking to us, and his way of telling us that he sent he son here to die for us, so I know that we aren't alone. Then we all read in alma together about the atonement... it was an interesting lesson to say the least but when we bore our testimonies about the Savior and the spirit was there! Nothing brings the spirit more then scriptures and testimony! 


English Class, and skoaling members! Just figuring out the area and stuff! 


Getting lost, and skoaling more people! Church was pretty good... we are for sure going to try to teach the Relief Society about love and uniting though, because they were lacking quite a bit of it on Sunday.... haha it's all good! Sister Ormax and I are super excited to try to help this area! We have lots of work to do but it's going to be fun! 

Love you all hope you have a good week!!!! Kill it this weekend Sethy love ya!!

Sister Schwab

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