Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Hello Everyone! Shout out to the Lady Braves for taking state!!! WAHOO!!! Nice work!! Now they need another one for basketball ;) can't wait to see it!
Good luck to Dylan and the football team! Go take state!


Nothing too exciting just went to the phsaa and then worked on what we are teaching for MLC.


We taught MLC we taught about culture respect and teaching in unity with your comp. It's really awesome for all of us American's to be able to come out to Cambodia, and learn about the culture here. I am so so grateful for it everyday! I love the people here, they are honestly some of the kindest people I have ever met! I love them and I love their culture! I am super grateful I am able to be here and learn about them! If I wouldn't have served I would have never know... I mean obviously you were there when I opened my mission call "do they speak spanish there?" haha I am super grateful I am able to be in this little treasure of a country and learn about the people here!
South Zone

After MLC we went and taught Bong Saophia and taught her lesson 3 but focused on repentance. We shared with her in DC 58:43, 32. It was what President taught about in MLC. We talked to her about how all she has to do is confess her sin and forsake them, which means to change. This past couple of weeks I have been studying a lot about repentance and it's honestly so amazing! I love that in the gospel we can always change and become better and in the words of Elder Holland " we get credit for trying even if we don't always succeed! " Over the course of my mission I really have come to realize just how perfect God's plan is! It really is perfect!

Then we saw Thera she is 14 years old and our investigator, she learned for about 7 months and hasn't gotten baptized because she is too young and doesn't have any support in the family, but we talked to President about it, because her parents are super supportive of it, and really really want to her to be baptized, and she has tons of friends in the church! Well he gave us permission, so during the lesson we told her she could be baptized she was so so excited it was so cool! I am so excited for her!


We saw Om Somat in the morning and taught her about repentance but this time we shared with her in Nephi 26, when Nephi broke his bow, and Lehi started to murmur, and had to repent. She love the example, and really compared it to her life she said " yeah it's just like us... when are families are struggling and don't have enough food that is when we really have to trust in the Lord instead of murmuring and complaining... but when we do complain it's important we repent and turn to him again"
Exchange with Sister Lines

Then we saw Ming Juen now Ming Juen is an LA that hasn't been to church in 10 years... in fact she has a RM in her family and they are all LA... she said the first two years of her membership she never missed a day.. and then she missed one of two days in the month, and she stopped reading somedays and started forgeting to pray... until she stopped going to church at all, never read, and only occasionally prayed when she remembered to.... and now she has been less active for 10 years... it's crazy you know that is how Satan works he starts really subtle with the little things and before you know it... you aren't going to church at all... it's super sad... but we are trying to help her come back we shared in 2 Nephi 26:27-28 with her and tried to remind her of the happiness that she used to have when she went to church!

Them we saw Om Sokkha and tuaght her about the priestood! We are just getting her reading for baptism.

After that we saw Chadaen and taught her about fasting and tithing! It's actually turned into one of my favorite lessons to teach... I remember at the beginning of my mission I didn't like teaching about it, but now I love it! I think it's just because of all the miracles I have seen from it!


We saw Om Sokkha and taught about baptism and enduring to the end with her! Then we saw Om Siat... Om accidently inhaled some bug killer she was using when she was cleaning her house and has been really sick since.. and it had been a week... she went to a clinic to get medicine but they wouldn't give her any. So we asked if she wanted a priestood blessing and she said " well of course sisters I am sick and I need help so God can rescue me!" The Elder's came over and gave her a blessing, and literally 2 minutes after that she told us she felt loads better! the pounding in her head was gone... We testified that it was because of her faith, and I know it was because Om Siat has some seriously strong faith! Then we saw Thera and taught her about baptism and enduring to the end!


We went on an Exchange. I went with Sister Lines! She is awesome! Just like the good old days of teaching together haha! It is cool to see how much she has improved! Everyone we tried to meet just kind of fell through so we saw Om Siat and tuaght her about the Priesthood!


We saw Monika a new investigator of ours and we taught lesson 1 which is my favorite lesson to teach! I just love teaching about Joseph Smith! It amazing, I love talking about him and how much faith he had... It's always one of my favorite things to watch the investigators face during the first vision... they just have this light in their eye... what we are telling them is amazing! The gospel is just amazing!


Well we got a little storm that came in from china I guess... haha so we had tons of rain all day... and we planned to search for CBRs all morning haha so that's what we did! We found the houses but other then that not too much luck... one house was locked and the other one just happened to have a girl with the same name living there but it "wasn't here" crazy though they looked sort of similiar haha... it's okay though.. one day!

After church Om Sokkha and Thera passed their baptism interviews so they will be getting baptized this week on Sunday :) wahoo miracles I am telling you! Also Bong Hiean who Sister Lines and I contacted in CKM is getting baptized in the next two weeks! It's amazing!

After that we had FHE at Om Sokkha's house it's amazing to see how that family has changed! They went to church together, and went we got to their house for FHE they were all just sitting there playing games together, and seemed so so happy! I love it... they have changed so so much since I've been there.. they just seem so much happier!

Well that is all for this week!

Sister Schwab

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