Tuesday, November 29, 2016

ការអស្ចារ្យក្នុងកិច្ចការផ្សព្វផ្សាយសាសនា(The Great Missionary Work)

Hello Everyone!


We had FHE with Om Siat's family! We shared with them in DC 78:19 about gratitude you know because it's Thanksgiving and all! It was so good though the Senior Couple came and we played a game and all went around and talked about the blessing that we had and what we are grateful for. And all I could think about was how grateful I was to be here in Cambodia surrounded by these amazing people that I love so much! I am so grateful that the Lord called me to come here! I honestly thank him everyday! I love it here so much.... it makes me so sad that it's coming to an end... Literally less then a month... and November flew by.... ahhhh!!!! It's crazy.....

Service Project


We saw Bong Mom and taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and committed her to a baptismal date of the 17th of December... she is so excited to be baptized.... she has beleived in Christ a really long time but just hasn't had the chance to learn! So she has been waiting for this a long time!
Then we saw Thera and taught her about the Apostasy and the Savior's Ministry.... I love sharing about the Savior and his life! It's one of my favorites!


We went to KampoegSpeu with the Ministry of Environment to clean road #4 and they taught a little bit about waste collection. After they taught about waste collection we cleaned up the road. It was good! It's something really important to teach about here in Cambodia... because Cambodia itself is beautiful, it's just there is trash everywhere! So the Ministry is trying to teach the children so that the future will be better/cleaner!

After that we saw Srei Phip, Srei Leak, and Lena some of our Young Women in the ward, we taught them about repentance. It was really good we used the writing you name with a permanent marker on the white board analogy. So we had Srei Phip write her name and try to erase it, but she couldn't... we told her that that is like our sin, and then we gave her a white board marker and she wrote over her name.. .this is the atonement... after using the marker 2 or 3 times ( you have to use the Atonement more then once.) She was able to erase her name! We testified that it is only through the atonement that we can be cleansed from our sins. They seemed to really enjoy the lesson.


We saw Monika and taught her about the Word Of Wisdom and Law Of Chastity, she drinks coffee and tea, but she committed to stop and follow the word of wisdom! Her faith is amazing!
Then we saw a new investigator Ming Po and taught her about prayer! She is a neighbor of Om Siat's and wanted to learn a little more about the church. She is really interested!
We saw Bong Mom and taught her 10 commandments, WOW, and LOC and she already follows all of them! Wow, talk about already prepared!


Monika we saw her again, and we taught her about fasting and tithing and she committed to follow it!
Bong Po she is a new investigator, Sister Ormax contacted her earlier in the week. She was interested in learning and we taught her about prayer, she doesn't really know what to think yet... she is worried if her husband finds out that she is learning.... he is Buddist. She committed to try to pray! I know that when she does... she will want to learn more. There really is real power that comes from prayer!
Then that night we had training for the new missionaries that came in last week! President talked to them about studies and the difference of being an accidental disciple and a deliberate disciple... and I can honestly say that at the being of my mission I was an accidental disciple... the only reason I was doing what I was doing was because of the amazing examples I had in my family..all the missionaries we have in our family... just everyone... I was just running off of your testimonies... but . I am so grateful I came out here and found out just what we are members of this church! It's amazing that's why! Where else do we have priesthood power that can seal our families together for time and all eternity where else can we find joy in repenting of our sins where else can we find a Savior that died for us so that we could live again! I love this gospel and my mission! It's helped me become more of a deliberate disciple! Seriously tho I can't thank you all enough though for always being amazing examples to me! THANK YOU!


We had training with the new missionaries... after it was over I said goodbye to some of the Elders that were in my MTC group because it will be the last time I see them before I go to America... super weird!

After that we saw Bong Mom who is good... we taught her about the Sabbath day... and she is so ready to be baptized it's just her job is terrible... her job is that she is a body guard at a bar... she literally acts like a camera. She stands for 7 hours and she says her eyes just move back and forth... she told us it's just like a camera... and she has to work on Sunday... we committed her to pray for guidance and help. She comes to church it's just she has to go to different wards and branches a lot. I know it will work out though! One of the things I love about Bong Mom is that she is this buff body guard and on the outside you would think she is a little scary, but she is just this huge teddy bear! She has such a soft heart, and just wants to be loved! She is such a sweet heart!


MIRACLE SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know if it's the Christmas season or what but these miracles just keep coming. So we had our stake conference today, and our new investigator came, Monika's mom came, and Om Siat brought another person that wanted to learn. So she gave us a referral! I translated for the Senior Couple during the Conference they talked a lot about inviting others to come unto Christ! We had members from the international branch speak as well... it was the first time I have heard some of church in English for 16 months.... it was kind of weird haha!
Obviously a hard worker.

After Stake Conference we taught Monika and her mom. Turns out Monika fasted. We literally taught her about it two days before and she told us she wanted to try it! Wow, words cannot express the faith that Monika has... she told us the reason that she did it was to help her family... Her mom was just in tears when she talked about her family life... she said that the neighbors hate her and look down on her family because they are poor.... and right now she is working everyday so that her kids can learn and have a better life then she did.... Ming Sophia (monika's mom) has so much love for her kids....Sister Ormax and I, both in tears , testified about just how much her Father in Heaven loves her and doesn't want her to suffer... Ming promised to start praying everyday! She told us she loves coming to church because she just feels love and peace, and for a minute she just escapes from the world!

After church we went and saw two more new investigators that the Viet Sisters contacted.... Bong Chenda and Bong Chiang. They both were interested and we taught them how to pray! We are going to see them next week and teach them lesson 2!

Then we saw Om Siat's referral her name is Bong Vanna, and turns out she has a 19 year old daughter Navi who has a bible and has been learning with another church. We taught both of them about the Restoration and how Joseph restored the priesthood and the only true church to the earth! The both were in amazement! Man, the gospel is just so amazing! It really just ties everything together so it all makes sense! We gave them a BOM and are going to see them on Tuesday!

So at this point me and Sister Ormax and just feeling super grateful and asking ourselves why is God so good? So many miracles? I mean 5 new investigators in one day! Come on! So cool! But that wasn't the end!

We went to see Om Sen and there was this Bong standing out the door, and I went and talked to her and this is how the conversation when! Bong Lena "you are Christian right?" Me " Yeah we are missionaries, so you've heard about Christ before?" Lena, "Yeah but I do not completely understand who he is or what he has done." Me " Well do you want to understand" Bong "Yes" Me "Are you free right now" Bong "yeah sure come in"

SO AWESOME her name is Bong Lena and she just got married, she learned about Christ a little bit when she was little... We taught her how to pray and asked her what she wanted in this life, she told us good health and confidence is enough for her. We shared with her Ether 12:27 about how our weaknesses can become strong! She agreed to meeting us again on Tuesday! WOW SO MANY MIRACLES!!! 6 new investigators in one day...it's so amazing... that is it for this week but I love being a missionary and seeing miracles and God's hand in my life!!

hey Tyler happy birthday last week!!! LOVE YOU!!!​You are awesome thanks for always being a great example!

I love all of you and hope you had a great week!!!
Sister ស្វប់

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