Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Hello Everyone!


Nothing really too exciting just a meeting to get ready for transfers 


We had District Meeting and didn't end up seeing anyone because it was water festival and it was insane! Haha everyone was either selling or partying! 


We had some random jobs we had to do to get ready for transfers and we had English class!
English Class


We saw Srei Leak in the morning and talked about our baptismal covenant.. we shared Mosiah 5:7-8 with her, and talked about covenants and becoming children of God. It went really well. so here is a fun fact now we have a Carls Jr.'s in Cambodia... you would think it would be great right... no wrong... it's terrible... this is the reason because now Srei Leak and 2 other of our YW in CTM are working there and they have to work on Sunday... come on Carl... really? Sister Ormax and I just looked at each other after the lesson and were like... man I hate Carls Jr... oh the struggles...
After that we saw Monika and talked about keeping the sabbath holy she is really progressing! She even had a scripture to share with us this time from her reading over the past couple of days. It was awesome seeing as only like a month ago she didn't even know what verse meant and what scriptures were! It's amazing to see how much she has progressed!
Then we got ready for transfers.


TRANSFERS! wow last transfer of the mish... kind of crazy... We taught in the new leadership meeting and then after that we went out teaching wahoo finally were both super excited and a little stir crazy we couldn't wait to get out and teach! And that's when the miracles happened. 

Alright Miracle #1`
We saw Om Sokha and just reviewed about scripture study with her and then after that we had the thought to go meet an LA... we tried to call her and she didn't pick up... in fact she rejected it... but we still feel like we needed to go see her... so we are heading to her house and we have an old investigator that lives next to her house and we always look for her when we are there but she is never home... but sure enough she is just sitting outside of her house and when she sees us she gets super excited and is like Sisters sit down!!! So we sit down and talk to her and she tells us that she has been trying to get ahold of us... these past few months have been really hard and she really wanted to meet us but she couldn't get in contact with us... so she had been praying to meet us... and then we just happened to swing by her house at the only time she was free... wow miracles... .we shared in 2 Nephi 26:25 with her about salvation, and then committed to a new life... we committed her to be baptized and she accepted... she said she would go to church on sunday! Alright so that was miracle #1.

Miracle #2
So we saw a Less Active her name is Om He and she has not been to church since we got here, and we shared the same scripture with her about salvation and we told her that if she truly wants salvation she has to find the means to go to church... then literally right after we tell her that we get a phone call from a member telling us that she can't meet us tonight.... Om He says hey let me talk to her... talks to her for like a minute... hangs up and says "alright sisters I will see you at church on Sunday Ming Sarom is going to come get me." Wow!! I mean come on how cool is that literally right after we get done telling her she has to figure out the means to go... our member calls! 

Miracle #3

Om Siat our RC who is really poor started rented her room upstairs so now she has an income! It may seem small but this really is a huge miracle and we are super excited for her because renting out the room is what will give her enough money to give her grandchild milk every week!
She has been working on this room for a really long time! 

Miracle #4
We get home and start planning talking about the miracles that had happened then the maid from downstairs comes up to look at our AC... we start talking to her and she asked us a question which I thought was super cool she said "I see you both come in and out all of the time and I always think... how are they so happy... I never see you upset... I want to know why you are so happy all of the time" We told her the reason we are so happy is because we know that we have a Savior and that he lives... She told us that she was interested in learning but she wanted some time to think about it first... She really wants happiness... and I know that the gospel is the way she is going to find it! 


We saw Ming Somat and talked to her about family history... we started helping her with it.. at first she didn't want to do it at all... but we started with her and she couldn't stop writing.. especially when she got to her mom... she stopped and looked and us, and then wrote an entire page about her mom who passed away.. they were very close... the spirit was there.. all I can say is that the spirit of Elijah is real... She stopped and looked us in tears... and we talked about how grateful we are that in God's plan our loved ones are not really lost. 

Okay so another miracle we went out with our RS president to go to visit some less actives... and we went to Ming Juen's house who is an LA of 10 years... so we go up to see her, and she is sitting there making food... she says hello to us, and then she sees Ming Sophat... she screams jumps up and runs over and give Ming a huge hug... they were both soooo happy. It was literally like watching the prodigal son right before my eyes! They were so excited to see each other I mean they haven't seen each other in 10 years! I just wanted to cry watching it... you know all the members really are family... 


Alright so the miracle of Sunday I call up Monika to see if she is coming to church and she says yeah I am then she asked me if I wanted to talk to her mom... I was like sure why not! Then after talking to her mom for a few minutes she said she would come to church! and sure enough the both came to sacrament! So hopefully we can start teaching them both!!! Super amazing!
Then we had FHE with the Ovelson's they came and helped us with an FHE at Om Sokha's house... it was super good we talked about how to have love and sprit in our home! 

Yep well that was my week! Lots of miracles it makes me really grateful I get to be apart of this amazing work! Love you all! 

Have a good week!!! 

Sister Schwab

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