Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My week Trumps yours- title credit: Sister Cheney

Hello Everyone!


We had a little get together at Carls Jr. Hey it's actually pretty good... I remember complaining about fast food hamburgers and stuff before the mish, and dad said "just wait to you get out on your mish then any American food will be good... yep dad was right... Other then that we just had a meeting with President.


We went up to KC and did an exchange. I went with Sister Gallahad and Sister Chin... we went and taught a lesson to an investigator about obedience, prayer, and scriptures and related it all back to Joseph Smith! It was really good! I love how everything in the gospel just ties together! The investigator really enjoyed it! Then we found and talk a LA about prayer... she is having a really hard time right now... her daughter who is a member decided that she was going to leave her son with her mom. So now Ming is taking care of her grandson... we talked to her about prayer and how she is not alone and doesn't have to do this alone... she just burst into tears... and promised that she would start to pray! My heart goes out to her... that would be so hard... she just feels like she is on her own right now... but she isn't! God is right there all she needs to do is ask for help!


We just came back up from the exchange in KC, and had some meetings, and English class!


We taught our investigator Moneka lesson 3. We focused on repentance and baptism! She started reading the Book of Mormon and is praying everyday! I am really excited for her she really has a desire to learn!

Then I went on an Exchange with Sister Cook! She is amazing she is a new missionary just getting out of her training! She is awesome I learned a lot from her! I can't believe she is still in training, she is so good! We contacted a girl while we were waiting for her investigator to pass her baptismal interview.. and the girl wanted to learn, so after the interview was over we taught her how to pray... then after the lesson... two other potential investigators walked in so we started over and taught them how to pray as well!

Then after we saw an investigator and taught her lesson 3... then she asked us."sisters I love my parents and worry about them... if we can't go to the watt what can we do for them.." Such a good question! We ended up teaching her about temple work and family history! She loved it and she wanted to start right then! I love it! I love how the gospel just ties families together! Ties them together for the eternities :)


We finished up the exchange and then went and saw Bishop we shared with him about Alma teaching his son Helaman about repentance and sharing his conversion story. Bishop LOVED the scripture! He was like "Sister's I want to share this gospel with all the people here in Cambodia.. if everyone here accepted the gospel there would be no more wars and contentions... He told us "I don't understand why people don't accept the gospel... they are refusing happiness it just doesn't make sense to me at all!" I've decided that Bishop and his wife are going to be the first senior couple for the Khmer people! They already have it down because every time Bishop's wife says something... bishop supports her and continues on bearing his own testimony! Plus right when we walked in the door bishop was telling us how he has been sick but because of the prayers of his beautiful wife he feels a lot better! I told them that when you come up we would go visit them :) You will love them! They have such an awesome family!


We saw Om Sokha and taught her about testimony to get her ready for her baptism on Sunday. We asked her why she wanted to be baptized and she told us. "I want to get baptized for my family... my family has had a lot of problems and I know that we can find happiness only through the gospel so I decided to get baptized so that we could join this church has a family" The spirit was so strong as she testified you can tell she loves her family a lot!

Then we saw Bong Sophia and taught her about the holy ghost. We tried to get her pumped up for her confirmation on Sunday! She is kind of at a loss for hope right now... but we testified to her that through the Holy Ghost God will comfort her and give her strength!
Then we saw Theara and taught her about testimony as well!


We saw Monika in the morning and taught about scripture study... I really love teaching Monika... before learning with us she had never heard about the scriptures... God... prophets you pretty much name it and she didn't know about it... this is her first encounter with the gospel and it's really amazing to watch... She is growing a lot! It's cool to see her grow and learn all of this! It's like teaching someone who they are and what their purpose is here, and what potential they have... it's really amazing...

2 BAPTISMS!!!! Wahoo Om Sokha and Theara were baptized the best part of the entire thing were their testimonies at the end. Om Sokha was just glowing! She said " I am just so happy... I feel so good... I know that God lives and when I pray to him and ask him for help with my family he truly does listen. I promise to follow him my entire life... I just feel so happy and light" It was so good she really did just have a light in her! Then Theara spoke and talked a bit about faith! She really does have a lot of Faith... she is only 14 and the only member of her family but she has been going to church for like 7 months now! She is such an example to them!

Oh and funny story so right at the beginning of sacrament meeting our investigator was supposed to be confirmed but was running late so bishop got up and started and then asked me from the pulpit if she was coming and i was like " she is on her way" and he said "what" so I said it a second time a little louder and he still didn't hear me so the third time and yelled and like four Mings I was sitting by yelled with me haha it was super funny :) Got to appreciate the help from the members haha!

Anyways that's really it for this week! Love you all Thanks for everything! I hope you have a good week!

Sister Schwab

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